Party of Seven to Hawaii

In April we ventured with the three kiddos and my parents to Maui.  It was our first vacation with all three kids, so inviting my parents along was a great help to have extra hands.

We always fly Alaska Airlines, but flew Hawaiian Airlines this time, the seating arrangement was perfect for us.  The Airbus plane is two seats by the window, aisle, four seats in the middle, aisle and two more window seats.  Hubby and I sat in the middle area and sandwiched both girls and took turns holding Davis.  My parents sat in the two seats by the window across the aisle from us.  I don’t want to jinx us for future flights, but this was our best flight to date!  The girls are old enough now to watch movies and Davis is young enough to sit still and nap on the plane.  I debated about taking my Boppy pillow to Hawaii, but I am so glad that I did.  With the Boppy I was able to nurse Davis on the plane and have it to nurse him while we were in Hawaii.  It was a little cumbersome to travel with, but much easier than trying to prop him with pillows.  I also brought along my Medela pump and pumped while we were in Hawaii.

We again stayed in the Kaanapali area of Maui and rented a condo along the beach boardwalk, it was the perfect location for access to the beach and to walk to the Whaler’s Village shopping and restaurant area.  The girls slept in one bedroom in their Guava travel cribs, Davis was in our room in a rented crib and my parents slept in the open den area.  We again traveled light……just kidding…..3 large suitcases, 3 carseats, 1 stroller, 4 carry-ons, plus my parents luggage this time!  We have it down traveling with twins, so adding 1 more wasn’t too bad.

The girls really enjoyed the pool and beach and Davis enjoyed the pool as well.  The condo complex had a great kiddie pool that was only about 1-2 feet deep, it was the perfect place for our family to hang out and enjoy the sun.  We enjoyed lots of good food while there and were so thankful to have my parents there so we could enjoy a date night!  Hawaii continues to be our happy place, we love spending time with our family and taking time to relax, we really have no agenda while there except to soak up some sun and eat lots of good food at our favorite spots.

We only had one mishap while there and that was when I shared an acai bowl with Jemma one morning.  We have known that Jemma has a berry sensitivity (she is actually going to be tested for allergies at the end of this month) but I didn’t realize that acai is a “berry” and shared bites with her, later that day she broke out in an angry rash and soon it was head-to-toe and she was itchy all over.  Poor girl was so irritable due to the itching and had trouble sleeping.  We tried a Hylands natural remedy, but finally had to go to Benadryl to give her some relief.

file-12 (2)

Family dinner at Hula Grill, clearly Jemma was very happy to take this picture!

file-8 (2)

Pool time! The kiddie pool that we loved!

file1 (5)

J & Z with Mimi and Papa

file1 (4)

Daddy and Davis

file (17)

Our date night to Mama’s Fish House in Paia, one of our favorite restaurants that we had gone to on our honeymoon!

We are enjoying the weather here in Seattle now that it is warming up a bit and the rain is less frequent, it’s nice to spend time outside and the girls can burn off some energy running around.  Davis is up on his hands and knees and is starting to crawl!  Our twins didn’t start crawling until around 9 months, so he is definitely moving early, trying to keep up with his big sisters I’m sure!

The girls are turning 3 in exactly one month!!!  Where has the time gone?  I love the little people they are developing into, but miss my babies.  The saying “days are long, years are short” is so so true!

Happy upcoming summer!



2 thoughts on “Party of Seven to Hawaii

  1. First of all, you look fantastic. Nobody will ever think you are a mom of three!!!😍

    Im so glad you all had a nice time. Your girls are so good. they seem like they had lots of fun.
    We are going to Hawaii next month too actually!! 🙂 My very first time going to Hawaii so Im so excited. I have so many questions for you haha. we are going to Honolulu, just staying at a hotel by Waikiki.
    I hope the boys will like the beach!!They love water and swimming so Im sure they will enjoy there. Should we get them water shoes and goggles??

    • Thank you, you are so kind!

      Yay, that is exciting that you are going to Hawaii! Waikiki is lots of fun, you’ll be close to the Zoo for the boys. Diamond Head is fun to hike up also. I’m sure your boys will love the beach. I don’t think shoes and goggles are necessary, I think the arm/chest float is a good idea though. 🙂 Feel free to message me if you have more questions.

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