Davis Six and Seven Months

Well hello!  I’m only a month late posting Davis’ six month update and a few days late on his seven month update.

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Six Months in Hawaii

file-1 (7)

Official six month photo when we returned home from our vacation!

The little guy is getting so big and hitting some developmental milestones so quickly.  I feel like he’s moving past his “baby” stage pretty quickly and that makes me both happy and sad at the same time.  I’m glad that he is growing and developing so well, but since he is likely (99% likely) to be my last baby, I’m holding on to every moment because I know it’ll pass and he’ll soon be a toddler.

Davis still has only his two lower incisors and he is biting me somewhat frequently when nursing, I yelp (because man, it hurts!) and then he just looks at me and giggles (little stinker!), I hate to think of what he will be able to do once he gets his opposing upper incisors.  The nursing days may be ending when that happens.  On that note, I’ve had to dip into my frozen supply, Davis takes about six ounces per feeding and my pumping/nursing doesn’t quite keep up with his appetite.  I thought I would have started tapering down my pumping by now, but I think I’m going to continue on a little while longer.  The nursing and pumping has been so much easier with a singleton versus twins that I don’t mind and I’d love to give him breast milk for as long as possible.  I’m also not waking up in the middle of the night to pump, so that makes things much better.

We’ve tried introducing some foods to Davis.  We’ve tried rice cereal mixed with breast milk, some Stage I baby foods, mum mum crackers and some cut up soft fruit (more as finger foods).  When you look at our chunky baby, you’d think he would LOVE to eat, but to our surprise he gags very strongly and even spits up if things get too far back on his tongue.  The more we’ve tried things, the less his gag reflex is occurring, but he’s still not into food as much as we’d hope.  His pediatrician isn’t too concerned and said to keep trying foods out with him.

Davis is now in size 4 diapers, which the girls were wearing at nap time until just a couple of months ago!  They had a box of size 4 diapers that we opened up for Davis once they started wearing Pull-Ups exclusively for nap time.

Davis wears 6 month, 6-9 month or 6-12 month clothing depending on the brand.  I don’t get as excited about boy clothes as I did with the girls clothes, but they still have some pretty fun stuff for boys.

Davis sleeps about 9 hours most nights, however, in the last week he’s woken up in the middle of the night and takes a few ounces before going back to sleep.  He’s still not a great napper, especially compared to how well the twins napped.  We had the twins on a very strict schedule and I think it really helped them nap well and sleep 12 hours a night starting around 4 1/2 months.  Davis is definitely not on a strict schedule and I think it affects his sleep patterns.  However, with having two toddlers, it’s just not realistic to stay home and keep him on a strict schedule.

Davis had his six month check-up (almost a month late) and his doctor said he is growing well, has a very calm and easy going disposition and since we aren’t first time parents, he said we could skip his 9 month appointment and he would see Davis at his one year check!

Davis’ Stats (30 weeks):

Weight:  18 lbs 12 ounces     64th Percentile

Height:  27 inches                   61st Percentile

Head size:  17.64 inches         72nd Percentile

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Seven Months

Davis is easily rolling from front to back and back to front, he pushes up on his hands and can scoot himself all over, I think crawling will be coming very soon.  He is starting to put everything into his mouth and has a good grasp and is constantly pulling and tugging things.  He looks when we say his name and loves his jumper.  He LOVES our cat Maya and she loves him back.  He pulls and tugs on her fur and she doesn’t make a peep.  She loves to lay on the Boppy when I’m nursing him.  Jemma and Zoe are getting a little more possessive of their toys since Davis can reach for them now.  We will need to re-baby proof everything very soon!

Davis continues to be a sweet and happy boy.  He’s definitely a mover and gets a bit more fussy when hungry or tired, but overall, he makes being a Mama such a joy!

Davis was baptized this past Sunday at our church.  He wasn’t his usually perfect self and actually cried almost the whole time he was in front of the congregation, he was only quiet when the pastor was placing water on his head.  We chose Joshua 1:9 for his life verse.

Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

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Davis’ Baptism

file-2 (10)

Sweet Davis on his baptism day!

We had a first family vacation with three kids in April with Mimi and Papa in tow.  I’ll post soon about our adventure!

And Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the Mamas and Grandmothers out there.  Also, thinking of those of you hoping and praying to be a Mom, continue to have hope…….Hugs to you.




Davis Five Months

Happy Spring!  We are waiting for our spring weather here in the Northwest, still lots of rain and gloomy days.  Even though Daylight Savings is kind of a pain, I’m loving the longer days and can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can get back to our evening walks and trips to the nearby park.

Little guy is five months old and continues to be such a joy to our family.  He continues to give us lots of smiles, tons of laughs and giggles and just warms our hearts.  Jemma and Zoe are wonderful big sisters to him and are always willing to help when it comes to taking care of “baby Davis”.

Davis is now taking around five ounces at each feeding and when he is hungry is the only time he really fusses and cries.  We switched him to the Playtex bottles and are using the drop-in liners with the medium flow nipple.  It’s so much easier than washing all of the million Dr. Brown parts and he isn’t having much issue with air intake.  We are continuing on with one ml of DHA and probiotics daily.

Davis has started having more frequent BMs, he use to have only one every 7-10 days, but now he’s having several a week and even had two in one day last week.  We still have him in size two diapers but a box of size three are on their way!

He is almost primarily in six month clothing, although he still has some three-month clothing that fit on the snug side.

Davis is in a sleep sack at night and is sleeping in his crib now!  I give him a four to five ounce bottle in our room after we’ve put the girls to bed and if he’s still hungry, I nurse him until he falls asleep and then I take him to his room and put him in his crib.  He’s sleeping from about 9:30 PM until 5-6 AM every night.  I usually wake up around 3-4 AM to pump and with this pump session I fill a bottle so that it’s ready to go when he wakes up.

Davis is getting his first tooth, his lower left central incisor is just coming through, he has been chewing his fingers and drooling non-stop, but didn’t really fuss as it was coming through.

Davis is continuing to easily roll from his back to his front, he can go from both right and left sides.  However, he has yet to roll from his front to his back.

We are taking our first family trip since Davis has been born in late April.  We are headed to Maui and my parents are joining us this time since we will definitely need extra hands.  We are very excited to head to a sunny location and are looking forward to my parents joining since they haven’t been to Maui in a very long time!  We are staying in a condo in the Kaanapali area that we haven’t stayed in before, it’s located closer to the boardwalk and beach than in the condo we normally rent, so it’ll be nice for everyone to be able to walk easily in the area.  We are planning on introducing solids to Davis on the trip, we had done this with the girls when they were six months on vacation in Hawaii.  Wish us luck on packing and getting seven people easily to the airport and on the plane!

And lastly, my Mom has let us know that she will be “retiring” from helping us with our childcare at the end of this upcoming summer.  We are so blessed that she will have helped us for over three years and are going to be sad to see her go.  With the arrival of Davis, three kids has been a lot for her to take care of on a regular basis and since she lives out of town, when she helps us, she is away from home for over two weeks at a time, leaving my Dad home by himself.  Also, when she is at our house, she is helping us on evenings and weekends, unlike my mother-in-law who gets to go home every evening and has her weekends free.  My Dad and her want to do some traveling in their retirement and are looking forward to new places to explore.  I’m sure my parents will continue to visit regularly and all of the kids will really miss their Mimi!

With my Mom retiring, we are beginning our search for an Au Pair, we are working with two agencies-Au Pair Care and Cultural Care Au Pair, which were both recommended by friends who have used both agencies.  We are planning on interviewing a few candidates this weekend.  With my Mom staying with us half of the month, we are use to having an extra person in our household and have extra room for an au pair to have her own space.  My mother-in-law will continue to help us two days a week, which we are very happy to have her do so.  We compared hiring a nanny for three kids to getting an au pair, and the au pair seemed to make the most sense for our family.  We look forward to learning about another culture as well and think it’ll be a great experience for our children.

file (16)

Five Months

file-1 (4)

Zoe (L), Davis and Jemma (R)-the girls love their little brother

file-2 (7)

All smiles!

file (15)

My favorite little guy!

Hope you are all having a nice spring!


This Year’s 411 so far….

I’ve been dedicating most of my blogging time to Davis and haven’t updated anything with the twins since the holidays.

Jemma and Zoe are growing up so fast right before our eyes-they melt my heart, make me laugh and drive me crazy all at the same time!  Both girls are so sweet on Davis, they love to give him kisses, show him things they are playing with and make sure that they sing to him or give him a lovey if he’s crying.  They are wonderful big sisters and I hope that they will continue to be.  They haven’t shown any jealousy towards him, and tend to pick on each other instead.  We hear a lot of “so and so pushed me”, “so and so took my toy”, etc.

The girls are so funny, they say and do the funniest things.  When I have to pump in front of them, they love to chime in “Mommy’s boobies are moving”.  My reply, “Yes, yes they are!”  They are so observant and point out everything.  Sometimes I think I’m doing something without them noticing (shoving that cookie into my mouth in the corner of the kitchen), but nothing escapes them, they see everything.  They are starting to “read” book themselves, Jemma especially remembers all of the details from each page and almost says it verbatim.  Zoe tends to make up more of the story, but it is amazing to see them sit quietly and flip through books.  They are also getting more into music.  We listen to a lot of music at home and in the car.  Jemma’s song right now is “Don’t Wanna Know” by Maroon 5 and Zoe’s jam is “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd.  They love to sing along, I know it won’t be for long that I can enjoy the music I like and not have them picking up on inappropriate lyrics, haha!  We also have an Amazon Echo Dot in our house and the girls love to yell things at Alexa.  “Alexa-how old is Pooh?”, “Alexa-stop the timer!”

I think the tantrums hit a peak in the weeks following Davis’ birth and I’m hoping they won’t come back like that again.  However, Jemma has been having more lately, but hoping they are related to irritability.  In early January we noticed small raised bumps on her torso and back, soon after it was widespread over her whole body and starting to get raised and red.  At that time she wasn’t complaining of any itching.  We took her into the pediatrician on call and he said that it was likely from a virus and would pass in five to seven days.  The redness and widespread location of the rash dissipated, but it soon got itchy and she was scratching her scalp, neck and upper back and chest like crazy.  At this time she was so irritable and fussy and having almost daily tantrums (but I could hardly blame her since I’m sure she was going crazy with the itchiness!).  Since this was past the five to seven days since her Dr. visit, we started to think that it could be a food allergy.  My MIL and the acupuncturist I see both said that kids tend to love what they are allergic to.  So, our first food to eliminate was berries.  Jemma LOVES berries and will eat them for every meal if she can.  We eliminated all berries but didn’t see much improvement, I was worried we’d be onto wheat next!  Since it appeared to be isolated to her head and neck we started thinking more about a contact dermatitis from shampoo and soap.  I also started doing the family laundry all together and switched the kids’ detergent from Honest to Tide.  Just last week I switched all of the kid’s laundry back to Honest and we started using only Dr. Bronner’s castille soap for baths.  I also bought some calendula ointment and started rubbing it on her affected areas.  Low and behold-the itching has decreased dramatically and the rashes are almost totally gone.  We did have her regular pediatrician take a look when we took Davis in for his four month check and he agreed that it could be from soap and detergent.  He took a vaginal swab to check for Strep but it came back normal and he also though a food allergy would have presented itself much sooner that at age 2 1/2.

With all of her irritability, she was waking up a lot at night due to the itching, we’d usually have to fix her snap on her jammies, rub her back, give her water, etc and were getting up a few times a night.  Sad that our toddler and not our newborn was keeping us up at night.  On Monday night she cried out “Daddy water!” for almost an hour and after he went in and said that we took her cup downstairs she then cried out “Mommy water!”  We knew this behavior could not go on, so we prepared them all day yesterday saying that Mommy and Daddy are very tired and need to get a good night’s sleep.  We told the girls they can have a drink of water right before bed, but that we can’t drink in the middle of the night so that we don’t have to go potty and everyone can sleep peacefully.  It seemed to work and Jemma only woke up once last night to go potty.  I’m hoping for our usual restFUL nights soon!  Especially since Davis is such a great sleeper already.

We’ve been having lots of fun playdates with friends.  My girlfriend who has twin girls who are about six months older than Jemma and Zoe came over last weekend and we drank wine and ate food while the girls all played together.  We joked that we knew we’d be at this place at some point!

The girls got into the preschool that we were hoping they’d be accepted into.  Starting in September they will go three days a week from 9 AM until 12 noon.  We will need to get Zoe potty trained by then, I think she is capable, but prefers the convenience of a diaper right now.

We had the first week of February off, it was a great week to be off, we had a big snowstorm the Monday of that week (which we would have had to cancel work most likely), so we stayed home and had a snow day!  The girls had so much fun playing in the snow and building a snowman.  The girls also got hair cuts that week and we had fun catching up with lots of friends!


Hanging out at home on our staycation


Z ready for her haircut!


J ready for her haircut!


Post hair cut doughnuts!


The girls loving the snow!


Family snow day!


D bundled up for the snow


Valentine cookies


Day at the Zoo with Mommy!

I really must stop and say “Life is good!”.  The other night when we were up listening to constant whining, having to get up to rub backs and missing out on some much-needed sleep, my husband says “Four years ago we would have agreed to staying up all night listening to crying and whining because it would mean that we have children.”  And that is so true, our three children are truly blessings and blessings we weren’t sure we’d ever receive, so with all the good comes the bad and it means we get to be parents to these amazing miracle babies!


Davis Four Months

March 1st?!!!  Already!?  I’m late posting….again.

Our sweet boy is now over four months.  He continues to be so happy, mellow and an overall easy baby.  I honestly could not have asked for a sweeter baby!

Not too much has changed in the last month.  He’s now taking around four ounces of breast milk when bottle feeding and nursing every three or so hours if I’m home.  We are giving him 0.5 ml of DHA twice a day in bottles and just started probiotics once a day in a bottle as well.  We did the same with the girls and I think it helped with their tummies.  We just started him on the Level 2 Dr. Brown nipple last night.  We still have all of the girls’ Playtex Drop-In bottles and liners, so hopefully Davis will be able to switch to those at some point and we won’t have so many bottle parts to wash.  Davis is wearing size 2 diapers.

Davis continues to sleep in the Woombie but we now have both of his arms out and are hoping to move him into his crib from his Rock n’ Play this month.  He is getting a little big for the Rock n’ Play and is starting to move side to side.  He continues to nap in his swing (that he now likes).  He is sleeping anywhere from six to eight hours straight at night and will take two to three hour naps during the day if we are home and not on the go.

He currently loves baths, when we sing to him (especially Mommy and  his sisters), bouncing up and down, being tickled, talking with us and having his face gently stroked.  He dislikes being hungry and being put down after being held for awhile.  He prefers to face you when he’s being held.  He also prefers tummy time on his Boppy and not flat on his playmat.

Davis just had his four month check and is doing very well.  The doctor agreed that his head is flat in the back, but didn’t think it warranted helmet therapy.  He had two vaccines and took them like a champ.

Four Month Stats:

Weight:  15 pounds 14.5 ounces (68th percentile-CDC)

Length:  25 inches (52nd percentile-CDC)

Head circumference:  17.32 inches (88th percentile-CDC)  Big head like Mommy and big sister Jemma)


Four Months-our happy, sweet boy!


All smiles!


Rockin the headphones at church

We had more snow here this past Monday and lots of wind last night.  We are ready for spring!  Happy March!


Davis Three Months

Hard to believe that January is over tomorrow!  Our little boy is three months old and we are just smitten with him!  He continues to be happy, predictable, full of smiles and giggles and so so sweet.  The only time he fusses and gets upset is when he is hungry or when he’s had enough and you try to place the bottle in his mouth.

Unlike with the twins, we are so much more go-with-the-flow with Davis.  He naps on and off throughout the day and often naps in the car or when we are out and about.  We were super strict with the girls’ schedule and wouldn’t leave the house when they were napping, but with two toddlers it’s hard to always stay home.  He seems to do just fine with a less structured schedule, but there are days when I wish his naps were longer and more peaceful for him.  He has finally come around to liking his swing and of course, right when he likes it the motor for the swing-arm finally gave way.

Davis continues to do about a six hour stretch at night.  I’m still nursing him until he falls asleep and then we transfer him to his rock n’ play which we have in our room with us.  We are continuing to use the Woombie at night (we absolutely loved the Woombie for the girls).  This particular one has convertible arm holes, so we’ll be able to use it once we don’t want him “swaddled” any longer.  I think it provides security like a swaddle, but it doesn’t come undone and it’s stretchy enough for him to move his arms around.  Plus it zips from the bottom making night time diaper changes easy.

Davis takes a four ounce bottle every three or so hours when I’m not home.  As my milk supply continues to be adequate (and much better than with the girls), I’m mostly nursing him during the evenings and weekends and cutting down on my pumping.  It’s been a nice transition to not have to pump six to seven times a day, on weekends I’m down to about four pumping sessions per day.  I think he’s getting much more efficient at nursing.

Davis is wearing size one diapers because we had a box to still get through, but we have size two ready to go.  The size one diapers are definitely getting too snug.  He’s in 3-6 month clothing, but depending on the brand even the 3-6 month size is a little small.  He’s a chunky little boy, but I love his chunkiness and rolls!

Speaking of rolling….Davis rolled over on January 25th, just a few days after turning three months!  He hasn’t fully rolled over since, but he gets up on his side very easily and I think will be rolling over regularly soon.  He is growing up so fast and we will really have our hands full once he’s mobile!  I think he’ll hit his milestones much quicker than the girls since he’ll constantly be trying to keep up with them.


All smiles at 3 months


Loving the ceiling fan!


Hanging out with Mommy


Love his chunky thighs!


Working on rolling over


Wearing D around the house to keep him happy

Davis continues to be a delight and the best little addition to our family.  The girls are so sweet to him and it’s so much fun seeing them as big sisters.  Although our life can be crazy and chaotic, we are so blessed and happy!


That’s a wrap 2016, Hello 2017!

I hope all of you had a happy holiday season and that your 2017 is off to a great start!  2016 was a great year for our family with the addition of our sweet boy, Davis.  I don’t know if it was the best year for politics or other happenings in the world, but we were so blessed to become a family of five.  Between my pregnancy and my delivery, 2016 seemed to go by in a flash.

Our holiday season was probably not the best one our family has had.  Both of my in-laws came down with terrible respiratory colds and we didn’t spend Christmas Eve at their house as planned.  We still have yet to see my MIL as she is still sick and home in bed.  My Mom has had to stay in town for an extra two weeks so far to help us with our children and we are continuing to pray that my MIL will be healthy soon and back to helping us out as well as feeling good.  Since my in-laws were both sick, my husband’s brothers came down to our place on Christmas Eve and we went out for Chinese food (like everyone else apparently).  We went to a small Chinese place near our house and it took over two hours to have dinner, let’s just say it wasn’t the most enjoyable two hours when you have two toddlers and a newborn to appease.  Plus, since the restaurant is so small, we had to split up and we didn’t even get to sit with my parents and brother/sister in laws.

We also had a stomach bug go through our house, although we didn’t know it was a stomach bug at first.  We made cut out cookies the Thursday before Christmas, the girls had a lot of fun and each got to eat a large cookie with frosting on top.  The next morning we discovered Jemma had gotten sick all over in her crib, but chalked it up to too much sugar.  She was a little lethargic and quiet, but didn’t have any more episodes.  Fast forward to the day after Christmas and the bug hit Zoe and we were up all night with her getting sick, she couldn’t keep anything down for about twelve hours and we also had to work on that following Tuesday.  Both Hubby and I felt very nauseous for a couple of days, but luckily didn’t get sick.  We are so lucky that we hadn’t had a stomach bug in our house up until this point and I hope we don’t have another one for a very very very long time, no fun at all.

Besides the above incidences, we had a wonderful Christmas.  The girls definitely are understanding the concept of Christmas, Santa, etc and it’s so fun and magical to see the Christmas season through their sweet, innocent eyes!  All they asked for this year from Santa was a cupcake and a candy cane (although they didn’t even eat them because of not feeling well), so Santa had it pretty easy this year.  They did get a Hatchimal, which was apparently one of the hot toys this year.  It’s pretty cute and Zoe has really taken to it as her pet.  The girls enjoyed spending time with their Uncles and one Aunt who came to town and we did some fun holiday things around town and at home.

Davis enjoyed his first Christmas-meeting new family members and getting lots of cuddles and time being held.

For New Year’s Eve we had some close friends and their kids over and celebrated a New York New Year’s Eve, champagne and sparkling cider toasts at 9 PM and then everyone straight to bed!  Oh-how the times have changed!


Our first visit with Santa! Jemma looking quite sly! Even Davis smiling for the camera.


Sweet smile from Davis at Hubby’s Office Christmas Party!


Girls making a gingerbread house, which went surprisingly well.


Making cookies for Santa, the cookie that led up to incident #1.


Davis looking quite dapper in his reindeer sweater.


Christmas morning!


Christmas evening with my parents


New Year’s Eve! A picture of all the girls!

May 2017 bless you with much happiness, health, and joy!  We thank God every day for all of our many blessings.  Every day in our house is chaotic and crazy, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world-we have three miracle babies and love them so much!  I often have to stop myself in all the craziness to realize how lucky I truly am.


Davis Two Months

I’m managing to get this post written before Davis turns three months, go me!  Haha!  Davis is just the sweetest boy and I’m so in love with him.  When we found out we were pregnant with baby #3, I was sure that it was going to be another girl and that I would be a Mom to three girls, but I’m so happy that we have a boy.  He is so mellow and go with the flow.  He only fusses when he’s hungry and is quite predictable.  He is starting to give us lots of coos and smiles and it just melts our hearts to get these interactions from him.

Davis is starting to sleep better and is getting into more of a pattern.  He has his witching time in the evening, usually around 7 to 9 PM, which makes it a little challenging since that is when we are trying to get the girls to bed.  I nurse him in our bed and then we transfer him to his Rock n’ Play around 10 PM.  He will usually sleep until 2 AM, at that time, I get up and pump and Hubby bottle feeds him.  He usually goes right back to sleep and sleeps until 5:30 AM or so (if I have a late start at work I’ll nurse him before leaving).  He’s had nights with longer stretches and some with shorter stretches, but overall, he’s getting into a more predictable pattern.

Davis had his two month check-up a couple of weeks ago.  He also had his vaccines and was a champ, barely any tears and he actually did a seven hour stretch of sleep that night, his longest stretch ever.

Two month stats:

Weight:  13 pounds 2 ounces (68th percentile)

Length/Height:  23 inches (47th percentile)

Head circumference:  15.94 inches (85th percentile)-Big head like Mommy and big sister Jemma

Davis takes about 3.5 ounces every three hours.  I’m pumping at work (every three hours) and both nursing and pumping in the evenings and weekends.  I usually pump between five and seven times a day.  Davis is getting breast milk exclusively and I have some stockpiled in the freezer.  Granted there is only one baby to feed this time, but it’s nice to give him all breast milk and to be building a surplus.  With the twins, I don’t think I was making enough for even one of them, and I really didn’t have any milk to spare.  I pumped for close to eight months with the girls, I would love to go at least that long with Davis and with the frozen supply, hopefully he’ll be able to have breast milk beyond that.  I’m taking 12 capsules of fenugreek a day and also drinking Upspring Baby Milk Flow drink.  I think both supplements are helping.

Davis only has a BM about once every 3-4 days and it’s very watery and yellow.  The doctor said this is very normal for babies who are only taking in breast milk.  His occasional BMs tend to be blowouts if we don’t catch them early, but since it’s only 1-2 times per week, it’s not too difficult to deal with.

Davis enjoyed his first Christmas, surrounded by lots of family and meeting one of his Uncles for the first time.  Christmas was kind of crazy for us, I’ll be posting all about it soon.


Our growing boy!


He is full of smiles!




Play time!

Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!



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