Five Days In

My jeans are tight and my ovaries ache, but I’m trying not to complain. These are the small prices we pay as we stab ourselves in the abdomen and think “grow follicles, but not too fast, slow and steady”.

Yesterday was my Day 5 ultrasound and blood draw. My Day 3 estrogen level was 237, yesterday it jumped up to 1006 and I had approximately 5 follicles on my right side ovary (only 1 being measurable) and about 20 follicles on my left side ovary (only 1 being measurable). The clinic called yesterday and they had me decrease my Follistim dose from 375 IU to 300 IU. The estrogen level numbers don’t mean much to me because I don’t know what they are “suppose” to be, but I’m guessing my jump was a little too high.

It was a busy week and I had some interesting experiences giving myself injections. Thursday night we went to a Mariners versus Yankees game and I had to hunt down a family bathroom and occupy the stinky hole for about 15 minutes while I jabbed here and mixed there. Then last night we went on a dinner cruise and again I’m using the small bathroom to get the job done, praying that we didn’t hit a big wake from a neighboring boat.

I go back in on Tuesday for my Day 8 ultrasound and blood work, I’m hoping that I’ll have more measurable follicles, but I hope they are all growing together at the same rate.

I haven’t told my employees why I’ve been coming into work late on numerous days. I’ve let a lot of people in my life in on our infertility situation, but I just haven’t felt the desire to let 6 more people in on my secret. I don’t want the nervous looks and sympathetic smiles from them…..they are my new work family and I’m sure I’ll fill them in someday, just not yet. My front office person asked if I was sick, I told her no……would it be appropriate to say I’m sick of this infertility road?

I’ve definitely been looking at this cycle with much more optimism and I have to admit, it helps. But, this part of the process is always the high…..I just hope it doesn’t have a low.


16 thoughts on “Five Days In

  1. Hi Sweets..

    I so look forward to reading your blog..and I’m excited to hear just about anything you type. I like many others are anticipating only the best for such an amazing woman! I have to say Nikki, it takes someone like you to be able to share such news, thoughts, and life. I look up to you for it all..and can hope one day for your wish to come true. My thoughts and prayers are always with you both, and know how much I anticipate to receive your posts!

    Here’s to another week of wait…

    With all my Love, Adina

  2. During my last fresh cycle, I asked my nurse about the significance of the estrogen value. She told me in a “normal” ovulation cycle, your level would be around 300 for a single mature follicle. I found that helpful in relating my levels to my number of measurable follicles with each cycle. Good luck!!

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