Nine Months

Here we are again!  My how time flies!  I just captured this photo, it’s a beautiful and sunny day here in Seattle.


We are all getting our Vitamin D for the day.  Jemma and Zoe are doing really well.  I feel like they are on the cusp of being little girls and not babies any longer.  I recently had two very best friends give births to little girls and it’s amazing to me how small they look even though both were a little bigger than our girls when they were born.  We forget so soon how tiny and fragile they once were.

We were very fortunate to take the girls to Maui again earlier this month.  We all had an amazing time, the girls aren’t quite mobile yet, so we’re taking advantage of traveling now.  The flight this time around was a little more challenging than it had been the first two times they flew, Jemma and Zoe are more active and sleep less during the day, so we had to keep them entertained for the almost 6 hour flights.  But, now that they are bigger and can sit up, it’s so much fun to take them out to dinner where they can sit in high chairs and have nibbles of our food.  They really like everything that we offer them, not too many sour faces.

Jemma still has 8 teeth and has really been very mellow and especially easy-going.  However, she had a rough night earlier this week.  She was up and screaming, I tried to see if she would settle down on her own for twenty minutes and finally knew something was wrong, we thought it was just a mid-night cry but I think gas was really upsetting her tummy and causing her to be very upset.  Her and I spent about 2 hours down in the living room on the sofa before I was able to take her back to the nursery.  She is starting to really cuddle and hug and I absolutely love it.  She is sitting up very well but not showing much interest in crawling yet.  We weighed her at home and think she is around twenty pounds!!!  She is very talkative and often cracks herself up.

Zoe still only has 2 teeth and no sign of others coming through.  She is still our sweet girl who giggles and laughs constantly but has been a bit more fussy as of late.  She hates having her face wiped, she had a cold and was getting her nose wiped often.  She also hasn’t been finishing her bottles most feedings.  She has had some BM issues-she doens’t go as often as Jemma and when she does it’s usually just a few hard “raisins”.  She is getting about 1 ounce of pear juice per bottle and both girls are back to the Stage 1 formula with less iron than the Stage 3 that we had switched them to at around six months.  We’ve also cut back on the starchy fruits and veggies and are having more peas, spinach, mangos, peaches, prunes, pears, berries, etc. and are offering more water to the girls.  Zoe is weighing in at around seventeen pounds.  She is nearly crawling, lots of scooting and backward movement and some forward movement here and there.  I think it’ll only be a matter of days before she’s on the go.

The girls will have their nine month doctor visit this upcoming Friday, I’ll be very curious to see where they land in their percentiles.  At six months both were above average, but Jemma was in the 90th percentile for both head size and weight.  We’ll also be checking in with the pediatrician about how to help Zoe with her pooping issues.

My in-laws are in Hawaii right now.  A much needed vacation for my MIL who has been doing all of our childcare. Thankfully, I have a great friend who is watching the girls for a couple of weeks and she’s been a lifesaver helping us out while my MIL is gone.  

We really couldn’t be more blessed with such fun, easygoing, happy and healthy babies.  Jemma and Zoe continue to fill our hearts with more love than we could imagine, fill our days with smiles and giggles, give us cuddles and hugs and amaze us by how much they are learning and growing.

We are rounding the corner to almost a year of them being a part of our lives.  I’m loving every minute but sometimes it just goes too fast.

I recently got a cortisone injection in my left wrist for DeQuervain’s syndrome aka “mommy wrist” and it worked like a charm, no pain.  Now I think I might be needing one in my right wrist.  My carpal tunnel has been quiet and I’m really hoping to avoid any future surgery.  I really don’t want to take time away from taking care of the girls (hands-on) and away from my office. 

 Very hard to get them to hold still these days!

 Had to take away the animals to get a somewhat still photo.


 Easter brunch on Maui 

 Hanging out at the condo 

Have a fabulous weekend!!!



15 thoughts on “Nine Months

  1. Dequervains is the worst! I had to have surgery on my right wrist when Gus was around 6 months, and scheduled surgery for my left a few months later before the pain just went away on its own! Now at almost 18 months the left side is flaring up a bit again, I guess because he’s so much bigger now? Cortisone is a life saver!

  2. Couple of cuties!! I really like this age, tough when they start moving, but pretty fun to see them cruising around. We gave P oatmeal cereal to help with constipation too. I know how frustrating it can be! Carly has her one month check up this Friday. Time really flies with babies!

    • Yes, exciting that they are growing up, but I’m sure we’ll be tired chasing them around. Hopefully they’ll want to go in the same direction. Can’t believe Carly is already one month, time really flies by! So good to see your family today!

  3. Wow! Nine months!!! Crazy! Nine months and multiple trips to Hawaii?!? Those girls are living the life! Glad yall are enjoying some travels and vacation time as a family.

    • I know, so hard to believe they are already nine months. You’ll see soon, time flies by! We were very blessed to be able to take them on vacation again. Love seeing pics of your little one!

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