Twenty Two Months

Happy May!  We’ve had an unbelievable spring so far here in the Northwest.  Lots of time outside which has been great.  The girls love being outside, it’s almost difficult to get them to go inside once they are out.  They also love being barefoot and take their shoes and socks off as soon as they can.

We’ve been going on lots of evening walks, eating out of our deck, blowing bubbles in the grass and going to neighborhood parks.  The girls have discovered slides and LOVE them!  Some of the park slides are a little tall and make me nervous, but it’s nice that some parks have smaller slides made for toddlers.

Zoe has started using the potty on occasion but feels the need to take off all of her clothes when she sits on the potty, I think it’s because most of the time that she goes pee is right before bath and we get them undressed.  Jemma is still being somewhat regular on using the potty, we’re planning on picking a weekend this summer to do a dedicated weekend of potty training, I continue to go back and forth on whether I think two toddlers in diapers or two toddlers who may or may not be fully potty trained with a new baby will be easier.  Thoughts from any of you who have been through it?

The girls are both teething, Jemma especially, her second molars are coming through and this is the first time we’ve had issues with teething.  Crying, waking at night, fussiness, etc., hoping they’ll come through and they won’t be having discomfort for too long.  We have been giving them ice rings and Hyland’s Teething Tablets to help soothe the discomfort.

We’ve definitely had a word explosion in the last month.  They are talking all of the time, not quite saying phrases or words in conjunction, but lots of words.

New Words:

Edamame (mame)


Ruff ruff



Brown bear (Zoe will say this when we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear)





Poopy and Pee Pee


Mimi (my Mom is thrilled that they finally say the name we call her)



Baby (It’s so cute, they’ll point to my stomach and say “baby” or point to the infant seat and say it)




Speaking of yucky, I got Zoe to get rid of her striped kitty that use to be attached to her Wubbanub, we took the pacifier off of it early on (around 4 months), but she would still suck on the legs and it would smell and would often be soaking wet.  Finally one day I told her that it was gross and yucky and that maybe we should throw it away.  She agreed and threw it into the garbage can, she never looked back and now it’s gone, hooray!  She has now moved onto the pink kitty Wubbanub animal, but I figure it’s got some time until it’s as gross as the striped kitty was.

The girls had their first haircut a couple of weeks ago, Zoe didn’t mind at all and actually had fun at the kids’ salon.  Jemma was pretty nervous and apprehensive, she started off on Hubby’s lap and then had to go on my lap.  In the end, they were both troopers and got their shaggy hair trimmed up.  We rewarded them with donuts after.


Enjoying the sun on our deck!


Popsicles on a hot day!



Zoe in the Barbie Jeep ready for her first haircut!


Jemma sitting on Daddy’s lap, not too thrilled about her haircut.




Spending a sunny Friday with my girls!


Having fun with the filters on Snapchat!

As far as the pregnancy goes, I’m just a little over 17 weeks.  I forget that I am pregnant often times, I don’t know if it’s being pregnant with a boy vs. girl, one vs. two or having two toddlers around to chase.  I have another appointment this Friday with my OB, I’m hoping to hear the heartbeat as I’m still not feeling the baby and getting a little nervous that all is okay.  I think the worry comes from my journey to this point, I think until this baby boy is in my arms, the worry of the pregnancy won’t fully subside.


16 weeks pregnant, I know I was definitely bigger than this with the twins.

Hope you all have a great week!




7 thoughts on “Twenty Two Months

  1. Teething is brutal!!! We do the frozen yogurt tubes too and the teething tablets. I was sort of relieved that p was basically potty trained when Carly was born, but definitely not always convenient when she needed help and I was nursing or pumping and home alone with them. But if she’s ready I guess you have to move forward. I was right around where you are when I felt Carly moving, but still tiny tiny movements. Probably really different since you only have one somersaulting on there!

    • I need to make some frozen yogurt tubes, they had a sample at Costco and loved them. I think I felt the girls around this time, just tiny flutters, hoping to feel them soon this time around. We’ll see how the potty training goes, I guess if it’s done by October, I’ll be happy, if not, we’ll worry about it after baby comes.

  2. I’m getting ready to potty train Gus this weekend. I read Oh Crap, and it was funny and a pretty easy technique (at least in theory). I’ll let you know how it goes.

  3. Potty training is no fun but once it’s over, oh the joy!! Haha. But really. Tru takes himself now a lot of the time and it makes my job so much easier. Your girls are still young though. I tried Tru multiple times before it finally stuck. I hear girls are easier. I really don’t know. But it sounds like you have a good start on it since they already go on the potty sometimes!!

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