Twenty Three Months

One month until I have two two-year-olds!!!!  (Insert emoji with tears)  It is unbelievable how fast these last two years have gone by-I think the saying “days are long, years are short” is so accurate and true when you have little ones.  At this point, I would be happy for life to slow down so I can enjoy the pure innocence, joy and naivete of this time in Jemma and Zoe’s life.  Also, I would like to enjoy more time sleeping through the night before Baby #3 arrives this coming fall.

I feel like the girls have really had some developmental milestones in the last month.  Their vocabulary is exploding and they are starting to put two to three words together in phrases.  I stopped writing down all of their words since I felt like I wasn’t keeping up.  They are running all over, going up and down stairs with less assistance, remembering things that happened a day or even a week ago, and of course, we are getting much more sass, tantrums and feisty behavior.  We use to think Zoe was our “easy” and “mellow” child, my, how the tables have turned, she is now our wild child.  We now know that Jemma is our cautious, more reserved one and that Zoe is our spunky, more adventurous one.  They still will go back and forth with being shy and reserved when they are around new people, but it’s funny how Jemma has more of a first born personality (Baby A) and Zoe more of a second child personality (Baby B).

The girls still love to do the face filters on SnapChat and LOVE watching videos of themselves on my phone.  They are also getting a little more interested in the TV, I will on occasion let them watch a 20-30 minute program when I need to get dinner made or just need a little time to relax.  Since they rarely get to watch TV, it’s a special treat.


Happy Birthday Mimi!


Zoe playing with SnapChat


Jemma posing on our step stool!


Dining al fresco, Zoe giving a cheesy smile

This past week Hubby brought the girls to my office for their first dental visit.  They come to my office pretty often, so they are use to the atmosphere, but this was their first time sitting in our dental chairs.  Neither wanted to sit by herself in the chair, so Hubby laid down and both laid on his chest for their cleanings and exam.  I was amazed at how well both of them did.  They let my hygienist clean their teeth first with a toothbrush, then they let her use a prophy/polishing cup and let her floss and they loved the suction tip.  Then both girls let Mommy come in and count their teeth and do their exam!  We thought this would be more of a “Happy Visit” to the dentist, but it was an actual dental visit!  I was a proud Mama that day!


Mommy doing an exam on Jemma


Our dental family

Hubby and I recently did a lot of painting on the interior of our house.  We are going to move the girls to our bigger extra bedroom upstairs, so it started with me wanting to paint an accent wall in their new room.  Then it turned into me painting their whole room and then it turned into Hubby and I painting our whole main floor minus our kitchen and our stairwell and upstairs hallway.  Our main floor had several colors, all flat paint (which shows every scratch, scuff, and hand print)-light cream yellow, olive green and a dark olive/brown color is what we had.  Hubby taped everything and primed the dark walls and we painted everything a light blue/grey color and used eggshell-type paint which should be much more kid friendly and easy to touch-up if needed.  Amazingly, we knocked out the whole project in two weekends.  Hubby did the prep work one weekend and we did all of the other painting the following weekend either after the girls went to bed or during nap times.  Luckily the girls cooperated on sleeping so we could get everything done.

This past weekend we were down in California to celebrate my sister-in-law’s graduation from her PhD/Psy D program.  My in laws were on our flight down and back and all of my Hubby’s brothers came to town-it was so nice to spend time with family and it was nice for everyone to spend time with the girls.  One of my Hubby’s brothers lives with his wife in Texas and they hadn’t seen the girls for a year!


Family photo at the graduation BBQ


J & Z with two of their Uncles and Aunts, Hubby’s second brother and wife on top, his third brother and wife on bottom

The girls did well on the flights, it’s nice to have a two to three hour flight versus a five to six hour flight.  We woke the girls up at 5:30 AM on Friday and they didn’t take naps that entire day, so it made for a very long day!

I’m now 21 weeks and 3 days into this pregnancy.  Still feeling great, my tummy has definitely popped out and I’m wearing maternity clothes.  We had our twenty week ultrasound on June 3rd, baby boy is doing great, since we already knew gender the technician didn’t spend anytime checking for boy parts.  Heart rate and blood flow looked great as well.

Hubby and I still can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going.  Since we are so busy with the girls, we hardly have time to think about it.  So crazy to think that the baby will be here before the end of the year.  I keep going back and forth about doing a VBAC or having a scheduled C-section.  Since I have my own dental practice, I’ll only be able to take six weeks off and I don’t want to spend two weeks of that waiting for baby, but I know a vaginal recovery could be easier as long as everything goes smoothly versus a C-section surgery.  The more I think of it the more I lean towards the scheduled C-section.  I have a patient who is an OB and she said she would recommend a VBAC to her patients but she herself has and would have a scheduled C-section.  Any Mamas out there who have been in this same situation?  If so, what would you recommend from personal experience?


Twenty week bump, it’s gotten much since this picture!

Summer officially starts next week!  I’m excited for more sun and long days, but wouldn’t mind this year slowing down.




9 thoughts on “Twenty Three Months

  1. I’m in that position! Or I was- haven’t written my blog post yet, but baby boy is a week old, came at 35 weeks. And though I had a schedule c section planned – I ended up doing a vbac and am so glad I did. It was truly a wonderful experience (thanks, epidural) and the recovery was ridiculously easy. Compared to the section I had with my twins, this was an absolute breeze.

  2. Seriously! Once you have other kids, a new pregnancy is such an afterthought! The girls are so darling and so loved. Can’t wait to watch them grow in to some of my favorite years!

    • They did great on the plane, busy bodies as usual but it helped that it was a relatively short flight. We are flying to Hawaii in July and I’m just hoping they’ll sit still for a movie! 😝 has Charlotte flown yet?

      • You’re brave!! She’s flown quite a few times, but all when she was 10 or so months or younger… Toddler Charlotte has yet to experience flying!

  3. That picture of the girls laying on Daddy for the dental exam is AWESOME. I love it so much!

    I’ve never had a Cesarean birth, but my recovery from both of my vaginal births was SO EASY. Like, I was walking around an hour later feeling great and loving life kind of awesome. Two of my best friends did VBACs with their second pregnancies, and both were totally amazed at how easy the recovery was. Especially with the 10# lifting restriction after a Cesarean birth and you having 2 toddlers, I’d be inclined to go for the VBAC if I was you. Look luck with your decision!

    • That is awesome that you had such easy recoveries. If I go with a VBAC, I hope I can say the same thing. Yes, having to pick up toddlers after a C-section is a problem. Luckily my Mom will be here to help!

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