Thirty nine weeks and three days…..I think this little man is holding out until my scheduled C-section to come into the world.  I’m at work right now, I’m not seeing any patients this week but I’m here doing exams for my hygienists since I’m still pregnant and waiting for baby.  Yesterday I had the chance to work on his baby book, get some grocery shopping done and get to the gym.  I’m trying to stay active, hoping I’ll put myself in labor and just to stay active overall to help with an easier recovery should I have the C-section.


Riding the elliptical machine at the gym yesterday, trying to bounce this baby out!

Last weekend I went to my bestie’s house to watch Justin Timberlake and Chill on Netflix hoping to put myself into labor!  Many of us who went over had see his 20/20 concert when he was here in Seattle in 2014 (I was newly pregnant with J & Z) and this was his last concert at the MGM Grand in Vegas after touring for two years!  He’s such an amazing performer and easy on the eyes!


Ain’t no party like a JT party!

We also made it to my assistant’s wedding last Saturday.  It was a beautiful wedding and I’m so happy for her.  They were predicting a huge storm in the Seattle area, but it didn’t end up being a big storm at all, I was glad the weather held out for them.  I did my fair share of dancing on the dance floor, but still didn’t get things moving.

I’m so glad this pregnancy has been so easy and I pray that my delivery will be much easier and smoother than last time as well.  I’m getting very anxious about my delivery since I nearly died last time and I have huge fears of any complications.  My OB reassures me that all of what happened last time is very unlikely but it’s still scary.

Hubby and I are so excited to meet our son, I do get a little nervous thinking about how crazy our life is going to be like with three children, two toddlers and a newborn!  The girls have not been napping and have been having lots of tantrums and meltdowns.  Ever since we moved them into their new room, naps have been hit and miss.  I’m not ready to let go of naps yet, everyone is going to need the break once the baby comes.  I think separate rooms would help, but unfortunately, we don’t have that option.  My MIL suggests a large divider for the room.  Any suggestions to help us get our twins back on track with naps??

Name is still undecided, I suggested that we could wait until we see the little guy, but Hubby thinks we should have it picked out before we arrive at the hospital!  We’ll see….

Until I write again…….just waiting!



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