Birth day!

We welcomed Davis Z. into the world at 12:51 PM on Friday October 21, 2016 via a scheduled repeat C-section.  He came into the world crying loudly weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces, 20.5 inches long and with a 14 inch head.

I was hoping all last week that I would go into labor and hoping that I would be able to have a successful and smooth VBAC delivery.  However, baby D had another plan and stayed cozy until his scheduled delivery date.  I ended up seeing exams all week at work and didn’t even have many contractions throughout the week.  On Friday morning, we woke up as usual, got ready (Mama did her hair and make-up), got the girls up and gave them breakfast as usual.  My Mom has been here with us since the sixteenth of the month in preparation of baby’s arrival and was home with the girls when we left for the hospital to be there for a 10:30 AM check-in.


Getting ready to leave for the hospital. Zoe is not happy about it.

My dear friend, who is a labor and delivery nurse and had been there for the twins delivery requested to work so that she could be our nurse again (even though she works at a different branch of our hospital now).  I couldn’t have imagined our day without her, she made sure we had an awesome anesthesiologist, had a comfortable room and just made us feel comfortable on a day we were both anxious about.  We were super excited to meet our baby boy, but had some anxiety over the whole process with all of the complications we had last time.

She helped us with all of our paperwork, got my IV going and by a little before 12:30 PM we were walking down the hall into the OR.  My OB was present (different doctor than who delivered J & Z), but the assisting OB was the same as our delivery before, 2 nurses, the anesthesiologist and Hubby.  I received my spinal and was laid down and everything was prepared.  Like I said above, Davis came screaming into the world by 12:51 PM.  My OB used the same incision site and said it was a little tight for Davis’ larger head!


Back in our room after the C-section. Our first photo with baby Davis.

God is so good!!!  I had been hoping to go into labor all week, but by the grace of God did not and thank goodness.  Davis had a knot in his umbilical cord and had I gone into labor and tried for a VBAC, I would have ended up having an emergency C-section, which could have been a much more complicated and serious situation.  Also, the OB said that had the knot been any tighter, there is a chance we could have had a stillbirth.  The thought of that is devastating and I couldn’t even imagine that type of loss.  We are so thankful and blessed that everything happened as it did.  This time around everything went just as planned and was routine and straight forward.  A C-section is still a major surgery with a slower recovery, but our experience at the hospital was worlds better than last time.  We were moved into postpartum by 3:30 PM and stayed two nights before being discharged.  We had the most wonderful postpartum nurses who took excellent care of myself and baby.  One nurse in particular helped so much with nursing the baby and had such a wonderful spirit and demeanor.

On Friday evening, my in laws and Mom came to the hospital with our girls so they could meet their baby brother for the first time.  Jemma was very apprehensive about the meeting and kept her distance while Zoe was very excited and animated.  We made sure Davis had brought them a present-two Daniel Tiger books and Daniel Tiger figurines (their absolute favorite show!).


Meeting baby brother for the first time!

We checked out late afternoon on Sunday and have been home getting settled since then.  My Dad was here since the day of the birth and just went home today.  He cooked us some delicious meals and helped my Mom take care of the girls while we were away.  My milk came in yesterday and luckily I’ve been able to nurse Davis exclusively so far and have only pumped to help with engorgement and to have a breast milk supply for when I go back to work in five weeks.  I had a very difficult time nursing the twins and pretty much had to pump exclusively, so I’m happy to have breastfeeding going so much smoother this time.  I hope he’ll continue to nurse well.


Heading home with baby boy!

Davis had his first wellness check at the pediatric office today.

Weight:  6 lbs 15 ounces (down still from his birthweight)-27th percentile

Length:  20.5 inches (same as birth length)-78th percentile

Head circumference :  35.4 cm-66th percentile

The doctor hopes his weight will increase now that my milk is coming in and that we’ll see an increase in BM and wet diapers.  He said that baby is slightly jaundice (he passed the screening at the hospital) but that we can observe for now.


Three days old-home and happy!

We are so thankful for all of our family and friends who were thinking and praying for us on our special day.  And for all of the generous gifts for Davis, gifts for the girls, meals, etc.  We are already so in love with our baby boy and feel so happy and blessed to have three healthy children who are truly miracles!



16 thoughts on “Birth day!

  1. I love his name so much! And he and Gus share a birthday! I’m so excited for you all, and glad the delivery was complication-free (the knot in the cord, omg, making babies is terrifying!)

  2. Birthday Twin! I for one, am super jazzed that he came on the 21st. Plus, what a nightmare with that cord. YIKES! SO glad he’s here and healthy. Rest up, mama. You’re got your hands full!

  3. Congrats!!
    He is so cute! and you look gorgeous as usual but more beautiful as a mom of three!!!!!
    What a lovely family!

    I so glad he was born smoothly and healthily. I hope you are recovering well. Best wishes for everything. i hope he is going to be a good sleeper 🙂 Thank you for sharing your precious day. It made me really happy and teary❤❤

    • Thank you and you are so sweet! 😘 he is actually sleeping quite well, fingers crossed that it will continue. Life is busy with having two toddlers and a newborn, but we’re making the best of the craziness right now. Thanks for the sweet comment! 💕❤️💕

  4. God is awesome! I’m glad your delivery was smooth. I too was hoping for a VBAC but it didn’t happen and I thank God for a successful repeat C-Section.

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